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Brisa Alvarado

Hello my name is Brisa Alvarado
My love for working out has opened the doors to the fitness industry. I am new to teaching but don't let that fool you! 
specialize in a power step class that is called Fit and Funky and I also train members in the Cross Training. I my certified in P90X LIVE and Insanity LIVE.

Jennifer Ytturalde

My name is Jennifer Yturralde. I completed RYT in 2012 at True Nature Yoga in Oceanside. My ongoing ed: Expressive Therapy, Restorative Yoga, & Yoga for Cancer Recovery. Currently taking Ayurveda and Body Sculpting. Focus on accessible Yoga for all levels is experience.

Judy Kelly

Hello my name is Judy Kelley
I am AFAA certified and have taught classes for 38 years. I love the people in my classes and always looks forward to helping them reach their goals. I teach a variety of classes: Aqua Aerobics, Body Sculpting, Gentle Yoga/Pilates, and Step-Interval.
Let me help you reach your potential! 

Steve Heil

Hello my name is Steve Heil. 
Exercise has been a huge part of my life for 33 years. I have been ACE certified as a group exercise instructor.  My classes include step aerobics, the use of weights for muscle toning, floor exercises, stretching, and relaxation. The member is encouraged to modify the workout to suit his or her abilities.  You will get a fantastic workout, hear great music, meet people, and have FUN.  Enjoy the Journey.

Lequita Burch

Hello my name is Lequita Burch I began teaching in 2015 and I am AFAA certified. My Aqua Aerobics class is great for beginners and intermediate students. There is little to no impact on the joints in my class. The water gives you resistance all around the body.

Jeanette Mclaughlin

Hello my name is Jeanette McLaughlin.   
I have a passion for fitness and enjoy helping and motivating others succeed in their fitness goals. I like to share my love for fitness and a healthy lifestyle by teaching group exercise class at Joe’s Powerhouse. I love the comradery of the people who attend my “Weight & See” classes which I teach Monday, Wednesday and every other Friday. We are a fitness family! I believe it is very important to take time out of your day for fitness whether it is with a personal trainer, through group exercise or hiking the great outdoors.  Challenge yourself! The end of your journey is a better you! I have been certified through AFAA for group class instruction and personal training. Featured in two issues of Shape Magazine as a reader model. Teaching group exercise classes for 18 years.

Gabe Ontiveros

Hi my name is Gabriel Ontiveros and I have a passion for music, sports, and fitness. I began teaching in 1988 starting with High/Low Impact Aerobics, Step Aerobics, Weight Resistance Training, and Indoor Cycling. My certifications: Pipline Group Exercise, AFAA Group Exercise, Personal Training, and In Door Cycling. I believe that exercise must be frequent, fun and functional for a fit future. 

Cathy Ross

My Name is Cathy Ross and I have been an aerobics instructor since the late 1970's. I specialize in Step Aerobics, Spinning, and Resistance Training. I welcome everyone to my classes because of the opions  Exercise has been a huge part of my life 

Jessi Preciado

Hi my name is Jessi Puyot-Preciado;
In 2007 I was asked from the City of Imperial to teach a dance class. I was then approached to take a Zumba Training to get certified to teach Zumba. And my passion for dance and fitness became a reality. I am proud to say that I was the first Zumba instructor in the Valley. My goal was to have Zumba classes throughout the valley, and within one year, we had accomplished it! I have been teaching Zumba fitness for 9 years now. I am certified in Zumba, Zumba Gold, Zumba Toning, Aqua Zumba, Sentao, Kids Zumba and Zumba step. In 2010 I was AFAA certified, in 2015 I was certified in Piloxing and on November 5, 2016 was certified in POUND fitness. I am hoping to do the same with POUND as I did with Zumba. In one year, it will be all over Imperial Valley! I would not be able to do all this if it was not for the awesome support of my husband and three kids and Gods Blessings

Zinnia Villa

Hello, I am Zinnia Villa!
I have been a Zumba Instructor now for 7 years. I am certified in Zumba, Zumba Kids and Zumba Toning. A year ago I also became certified in Piloxing, a fitness program that combines Pilates and Boxing. I truly have a passion for fitness, which I am installing on my two beautiful children with the support of my husband. My love for children also has led me to be a teacher. I am currently a 7th grade teacher at Imagine School in El Centro. I have brought my passion of dance and fitness to my students which they love to perform to the public and events. I have met so many wonderful people during my journey as a fitness instructor and teacher, that God has blessed me with some wonderful friendships. I hope to continue and inspire others in living a healthy life style.

Dipa Patel

Gina Hernandez

Hi my name is Gina Hernandez
I am a certified indoor cycling- spin instructor and have been teaching for 4 years. I believe that a good spin class can provide an outstanding whole body workout, intense cardio with low impact. It's all about sweating, pushing your limits and it's a great source of stress relief. When I am not on the bike I am enjoying life with my husband and 3 kids.

Karla Rubio

Hi my name is Karla Rubio I'm 38 years old and a mother of 2 beautiful daughters. My passion for dancing got me started with ZUMBA and then I became an Instructor in 2011. After that I continued my certifications in ZUMBA Toning and Aqua ZUMBA. My biggest joy is to dance with my students. That motivates me! Believe me every class is a like party and you don't need to know how to dance. Just move your body and follow my lead. Come join the party!!! 

David Canez

Joseph Llausus

Sonny Castillo


I currently hold a third degree black belt in integrated warrior arts. This art is a combined system of the Filipino arts of sticks, bladed weapons such as swords, knifes daggers as well as the empty hands self-defense and the American Kenpo methods of Kenpo Jutsu which includes escapes, locks, takedowns and related self-defense techniques. I began training in 2005. I also have a purple belt in Royce Gracie jujitsu, under Snake from team R.O.C Charlotte NC, and a blue belt in judo under Sensi Susan- Judo America equivalent to a Jiu-Jitsu purple belt.
In 2009 I began training in the Kombat Sports system with team R.O.C. out of Charlotte Harrisburg North Carolina. The courses were an intensive training of MMA and reality of combat which included boxing, kick boxing, MMA submissions, holds and locks.
I also trained with team vision that included Gracie Brazilian Jiu Jitsu that included intensive ground work and submissions.
2010 to current I have training in judo under the tutelage of master Susan Marquez of judo America, the El Centro Division. Currently I’ve won 3 gold medals, 1 silver medal and one bronze medal in my division as a blue belt.

Tamee Valenzuela

Hi my name is Tamee Valenzuela my passion for health & fitness along with my years of experience and love of life make my classes:
A) CHALLENGING...both physically and mentally (two birds with one hour) Come discover your potential
B) REWARDING...more so then you ever dreamt.
C) FUN...yes an endorphin high is F-U-N every time!
My Certifications are: ZUMBA Fitness, Aqua ZUMBA, ZUMBA Step, ZUMBA Toning, Silver Sneakers, and PiYo LIVE
Be it Zumba...PiYo...SilverSneakers or Aqua let's meet our fitness goals together!!

Delia Garcia

Hello! My name is Delia Garcia and I love to exercise!
I have been teaching fitness classes for the past 38 years. Fitness trends come and go and I have taught everything from High and Low Aerobic classes, Step, Slide, Spin, Weight and Floor, and Zumba classes. I love teaching Weight & Floor exercises!
Certifications held: AFAA (Aerobic & Fitness Assoc. of America). ZIN (Zumba Instructors Network)
Always willing to learn something new and dedicated to inspire and motivate our members meet fitness goals while having fun at the same time. Meant to sweat and tone!

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